Use Budelpack for your product introductions, shortages in packing capacity or because you have made the strategic decision to outsource your packing process. There are plenty of reasons to opt for Budelpack including our expertise, fast time to market, experience with complex introductions and practical approach to problems. The following examples from practice highlight what you can expect from us:

  • Ritsers: chocolate covered liquorice in clean-cut design jars

    From co-conceptualising the packaging to fully automated packing

    Autodrop does cool things to every piece of liquorice. Fruit gums in the shape of cars. Liquorice with a traffic theme. And now there are Ritsers ["Zippers", colloquial term for drivers merging with another lane]: chocolate covered liquorice. Concorp Brands, the makers of Autodrop, wanted a suitable packaging partner for packing this exceptional liquorice. Budelpack proved the right choice in every way. We co-conceptualised the new packaging concept, found the right packaging and filled it semi-automatically.

  • New, healthy top-brand dog snacks in stand pouches

    Flexible packing capacity as back-up for client capacity issues

    A leading, top brand animal feed manufacturer introduced new, healthy dog snacks. Turnover shot up after their introduction. This led to a shortage in internal packing capacity. To successfully get through the introduction phase the pet food producer sought a reliable partner for the automated packing of the full volume of dog snacks in stand pouches. They soon opted for Budelpack.

  • Spicy red chili herbs in mini paper sachets

    The most efficient high-speed line for small consumer portions

    A world famous fast food chain recently added some spice to its menu: a spicy burger and French fries with red chili herbs. Thanks to the separate sachet of herbs, patrons can spice their fries just the way they like them. A quick shake and then they're done. The spices' manufacturer asked us to pack them into 2.5 g sachets. This producer now knows that we have the ideal high-speed line for portion packing.

  • Packing baking flour in rigid shaker bottles

    The Brandowner developed the 'Shaker': a shaker bottle for quickly preparing poffertjes [traditional Dutch mini-pancakes] and pancakes. A bottle that exudes convenience, enjoyment and fun. The introduction had a tight deadline: the Shaker had to hit the shelves within four months. The customer decided that it would not invest in packaging machines itself yet. Our knowledge and experience with fast, complex product introductions proved decisive.

  • Cardboard mini dispensers under own retail brand

    Complete product-packaging combination arranged from start to finish

    The Jumbo retail chain was looking for a private label counterpart to the small portion packs of chocolate flakes and (fruit) sprinkles supplied by a well-known, top-level brand. Jumbo provided the artwork for the packaging and selected Budelpack as its partner to supervise the purchasing, logistics and packaging processes, from the purchasing of the chocolate sprinkles and the printed cardboard, right the way through to the filling and supplying of the ready-to-use mini dispensers to Jumbo's distribution centres.

  • Dry dinner mealkits

    Strategically outsourced packaging process due to factory closure

    In 2010, Heinz made the strategic decision to largely outsource its packaging process. Due to the closure of the Honig factory in Nijmegen [NL], Heinz was looking for a co-packing specialist to package Honig meals. This involved packing various meal ingredients into sachets and transwraps, and then boxing these components. Our expertise and problem solving capacity convinced Heinz to work with us.