Corporate Social Responsibility

“Since the foundation of Budelpack in 1971, we believe it is our responsibility as a company to go further than just making a profit and providing employees and their families with just an income. As a family-owned company, we are driven by core values and principles. It is essential to us that this is ‘inside out’: it is more important what we do than what we say we do.”

Peter J. Nieuwkerk
Group Managing Director / Owner

Budelpack focuses on these groups when talking about their social responsibility:

1. Employees
2. Environment & Sustainability
3. Community
4. Business partners


1. Employees

Our people, our employees are our assets. We believe that running a business is more than running a profitable business. As a family-owned company, Budelpack provides its services by taking our core values into account. These are: Approachable, Reliable, Better, Afflatus and Modesty and are reflected in all our day-to-day business, our service towards our community and the way we interact with all personnel by using our business’ position to encourage our employees to make these values their own. Budelpack’s continued success since 1971 relies among others upon maintaining and respecting our principles, with which we not only have set high (ethical) standards for ourselves, but also for our suppliers and customers.

We conduct our operations with modesty, honesty, and excellence. We respect the rights and interests of our employees, those with whom we have professional relationships. In order to do so, we strongly condemn any form of abuse (physically or verbally), harassment and disciplinary actions. Budelpack is committed to providing employees with safe and healthy working conditions. Our facilities are constructed and maintained in accordance with set standards, applicable codes and ordinances. Employees work and are provided wages that respect their qualifications, abilities and performance and are in compliance with all applicable laws and industry standards. Budelpack does not discriminate in hiring and employment practices, nor do we allow for the use of child labour, forced labour or compulsory labour.

Budelpack consistently maintains high ethical standards as well as complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. All Budelpack employees are expected to avoid personal activities and financial interests that could conflict with their responsibilities to the company. Budelpack employees must not misuse of their position nor give or receive, whether directly or indirectly, bribes or other improper advantages for business or financial gain. In order to help our employees to make all of these values their own we provide them with a pleasant working environment, and we support and facilitate them where we can (for example by giving everyone a vouchers to buy LED lighting to enhance sustainability, as described below).


2. Environment & Sustainability

In all we do, we care about our environment. Whether we’re talking about the reduction of energy consumption or maintenance of our garden where we minimize the use of chemicals, terms as eco-efficiency and sustainability are key in our decision making process. Budelpack continuously strive towards improving the efficiency and sustainability of its operation for the greater financial and environmental good. Below are a few examples which show the impact of these core values on our day-to-day business.

In 2012, the Food and Pet Food site in Poortvliet, renewed its roof with a 3.5 higher insulation level. The result of this was less waste of heat during winter and better insulation in the summer. It has reduced our gas consumption for heaters with nearly 30%.

The key decision parameter of our master air-conditioning plan was energy reduction. Rather then just generating cold air, we have installed a more expensive heat extraction systems which ventilate hot air out, before 'injecting' cold air. First installations have started in 2014, and till 2019 all 54 air conditioners will have been replaced.

A major step into reduction of CO2 is Budelpack On Site: bringing the packing operation to you, rather than moving back and forth raw materials, pack materials and finished goods. Calculations have shown that CO2 emissions will be reduced with 50% to 75% with OnSite versus the classical multi-client co-packing/ co-manufacturing model.

On a smaller scale, we have provided our employees with vouchers to buy LED lighting. The ‘investment' in LED is often relatively high, which threshold is now taken away and energy-consumption is reduced immediately. At the same time, it makes everyone aware of our environment.

3. Local community

Budelpack believes that, next to our employees and their families, we have a responsibility towards the local community. Wherever it is within our possibilities, we will support our local population. Sponsoring local activities and initiatives is an important part of the implementation of this value in our day-to-day business. Conditions are described in the sponsoring policy of Budelpack. Besides sponsoring, Budelpack is involved with a few bigger initiatives.

In 2007, the sheltered social workshop of the 'Betho', an organization which provides work for partially mentally or physically disabled people which lay nearby Budelpack’s Food and Pet food site Poortvliet (NL), was closed as a result of market developments and withdrawal of their main customer. The consequence was that local people needed to travel to the next closest Betho site 60km from the original location. This is where Budelpack stepped in: we have assigned a dedicated production area in our Poortvliet site where 20 to 30 workers with physical or intellectual impairments have found their new working environment. The advantages go both ways: Budelpack did have manual labor activities for a longer time, which could now be taken in-house and employees of the Betho could now stay together nearby their homes.

In 2016, Budelpack has launched their ‘People Power Project’ (PPP). PPP can best be described as a social event where Budelpack employees voluntarily organize an event to support local people. Either by means of maintenance activities, supporting children/ elderly people and/or organizing a nice day off for those who are physically or mentally limited.

The initiative of PPP came out of the wish to give something back to the community and help people who are less fortunate. PPP can there for be implemented in all forms, depending on the needs of the target audience (which can change per event). By choosing the target audience and sort of activity, the input of Budelpack employees is leading. By filling in a questionnaire they can make their preferences clear on matters as target audience, sort of activity, distance that they are willing to overcome, etc.. Also they can tell if they want to be part of the PPP-team, which has as main goal to organize an activity that meets most of the employee’s preferences. At all times PPP is a voluntary initiative, there for no employee’s can be forced to participate, which underlines the social aspect of it.

4. Business partners

Budelpack is committed to establish mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers, customers and business partners. We expect our partners to adhere to business principles consistent with our own, which is mandatory for doing business with us. In order to ensure that our ‘Standard of Conduct’ is clear to all of Budelpack’s business relations, we make sure to enter into dialogue with possible new suppliers and customers. Budelpack also expects from their business partners to manage the same standards with business partners of their own. All products and services delivered by us and to us must meet quality and safety standards required by law. We operate with care for the environment and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Internally, Budelpack has made the business rules known by integrating them in the working conditions, which are revised each year. Compliance with these principles is an essential element in our business success. Budelpack is responsible for ensuring these principles are applied throughout the organization, with our senior management leading by example. Our strong reputation depends upon our committed adherence to complying fully to the letter and spirit of these ethical principles.