Fresh food packing

The critical issues in your logistics chain are the limited shelf lives of vegetables and fruit, the high transport costs per kg and the stringent conditioning requirements during transport.

To compensate for these we package fresh food on site. Mainly grapes in punnets and snack vegetables and fruit in stand pouches. Entirely automatically and cost efficient. Now you can attune your packaging to demand at the last minute and introduce gorgeous packaging innovations. Moreover, you will save on transport costs, retain freshness and avoid detrimental conditioning fluctuations.

Would you like more information on Budelpack Fresh B.V. or Budelpack On Site B.V.?

Please call Dennis Schipper +31 (0)166-619959 or Patrick Koppejan at +31 (0)166-619945. You can also leave your contact details >>  behind and we will call you within one working day!

Co-packing locations


Primary packing at our multi-client location in Poortvliet (NL) (FOOD / PET FOOD / NON FOOD) 

We carry out co-packing activities for retailers and brand owners from around Europe at our multi-client location in Poortvliet on the island of Tholen in the province of Zeeland (in the south-west of the Netherlands). In Poortvliet we have 35 conditioned, certified packing areas, including nut-free zones. Here we pack primary solid, liquid, powdered or granulated food or pet food into many different packagings for a wide range of retailers. We regularly invest in dosing, filling and sealing machines in order to be able to offer you new packing methods and concepts. 




Primary packing of grapes into punnets (FRESH)

Budelpack Fresh B.V., founded in 2015 by Budelpack Group, focuses on the fully automated punnetisation of grapes. We punnetise your grapes to your specifications on our unique packaging lines.



Mobile packing service at grower or importer's location (FRESH)

If you would like to have your vegetables or fruit packed straight into doypacks from the plants? We can bring our closed packing line trailer >>, packaging materials and staff to any location in the Benelux. We can be up and running within 10 minutes.



On Site packing at one of the many European (including UK) locations of our logistic provider (FOOD / PET FOOD)

Our cooperation with a large well-established logistic provider means we can pack your food or pet food in a food safe manner anywhere in Europe and in the UK. We will select the location that makes the most sense from a cost effectiveness perspective and erect a temporary professional packing operation >> for you.

Do you have an ongoing packing project that will last at least a year? If so, please call +31 (0) 166 - 61 99 99 or e-mail us.