Spicy red chili herbs in mini paper sachets

The most efficient high-speed line for small consumer portions A world famous fast food chain recently added some spice to its menu: a spicy burger and French fries with red chili herbs. Thanks to the separate sachet of herbs, patrons can spice their fries just the way they like them. A quick shake and then they're done. The spices' manufacturer asked us to pack them into 2.5 g sachets. This producer now knows that we have the ideal high-speed line for portion packing.

Budelpack’s solutions

The herb manufacturer primarily focuses its products on the B2B market and therefore does not have its own packing line for consumer units. It was the company’s conscious choice to bring in external, flexible packing capacity for the introduction of consumer products. The herb producer supplies big bags of between 500 - 600 kg of red chili herbs and we do the rest.

The fast food chain will soon start putting these shaking fries on its children’s menu in another European country. This will bring the total number of packed sachets of red chili herbs to many millions. A tough job, but nothing major for Budelpack!

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