Packing baking flour in rigid shaker bottles

The Brandowner developed the 'Shaker': a shaker bottle for quickly preparing poffertjes [traditional Dutch mini-pancakes] and pancakes. A bottle that exudes convenience, enjoyment and fun. The introduction had a tight deadline: the Shaker had to hit the shelves within four months. The customer decided that it would not invest in packaging machines itself yet. Our knowledge and experience with fast, complex product introductions proved decisive.

Budelpack's solutions

The Shaker is a bottle-powder combination. Friction in the empty bottle supply line creates a static charge which attracts flour to the outside of the bottles >> when these are filled. Our years of experience taught us how to prevent getting these visible specks underneath the sleeve.

We also had to slip the shrink sleeve under the cap i.e. first shrink it, then close it. However, heating creates damp and with the bottles open this created the risk of damp ending up in the bottles. The heat would also raise the air temperature inside the bottle and if this warm air were to cool inside a closed bottle there was a risk of shrinkage. Three critical points of attention we managed to anticipate and solve in a timely manner.

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