About Budelpack

Family firm Budelpack is an innovative co-packing company that, since 1971, has specialized in the primary packing of 'naked' food (food and pet food) into flexible, rigid and cardboard product packaging. We take packaging worries, capacity problems and investment risks off your hands adding distinctiveness and user-friendliness to your product packaging as well as flexibility and cost efficiency to your packing process.

Full-service company providing a wide range of services

As a full-service company we offer an extensive, comprehensive range of services including:

Flexible co-packing locations throughout Europe

Our multi-client location in Poortvliet in the south-west of the Netherlands has 35 food-safe packing spaces including nut-free zones. There we package your food and pet food (solid, liquid, powdered or granulated) in almost any desired packaging. Would it be more efficient to package your products elsewhere in Europe? Our collaboration with FM Logistic means Budelpack On Site B.V. can quickly set up and take into operation (a) dedicated, food-safe packing line(s) for you anywhere in Europe.

Packing food and pet food

Alongside food and pet food we offer growers and importers a mobile packing service. We bring a closed packing line trailer for (part of) a day to your location to pack fruit or vegetables into doypacks straight from the plant.

Who do we work for?

Our clients include top brand owners, manufacturers and retail organisations in Europe, including:


More information on Budelpack?

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