Dry dinner mealkits

Strategically outsourced packaging process due to factory closure In 2010, Heinz made the strategic decision to largely outsource its packaging process. Due to the closure of the Honig factory in Nijmegen [NL], Heinz was looking for a co-packing specialist to package Honig meals. This involved packing various meal ingredients into sachets and transwraps, and then boxing these components. Our expertise and problem solving capacity convinced Heinz to work with us.

Budelpack's solution

Our proposal for packing the family meals appealed to Heinz. As did the way in which we helped the company to solve a problem. The transfer period for the packaging line was to be three months, but this proved unacceptable.

Heinz was about to close. Employees were leaving and there threatened to be a shortage of technicians. We therefore proposed seconding a number of our employees. This would enable Honig to continue production and we could familiarise ourselves with the line. After two months, we dismantled the line in Nijmegen and reassembled it in Poortvliet. The transfer took a mere six weeks.

Are you considering strategically outsourcing your packaging process?

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