Innovative packaging

Your clients always want more beautiful and improved food packaging. We regularly, pro-actively develop new, affordable packaging concepts that meet your clients' wishes in collaboration with (international) design agencies and packaging companies. Would you like rapid, easy access to these smart packaging innovations and new product-packaging combinations? If so, call us now on +31 (0) 166 619999!

Surprising packaging concepts for brand owners

Product life cycles are becoming increasingly short. The pressure to develop, launch and capitalise on products is rising. This constitutes a major challenge. Choosing from one of our many off-the-shelf packaging innovations means you face limited investment and minimal risk. It also helps you get your products on the shelves faster. We have already supported well over 200 product introductions.

New product-packaging combinations for retailers

As a supermarket organisation you need distinctiveness. Your store brand offers lots of opportunities. Modified or new packaging attracts your customers' attention and gives turnover a substantial boost. As a creative, full-service co-packer we can conceptualise and provide eye-catching designs, easy-to-use packaging or an entirely new product-packaging combination for you.

More information on innovative packagings?

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You can also opt for one of our flexible packagings, rigid packagings or cardboard packagings.

Innovative packaging - Budelpack

  • 'Twist'

    User-friendly packaging for the fast preparation of fresh cupcake dough

    Co-packing specialist Budelpack Poortvliet BV presents the Twist an innovative, user-friendly packaging. The Twist is a pre-shaped kneading bag with a piping nozzle that makes using kitchen utensils unnecessary. By just adding water both young and old can quickly and easily make smooth cupcake dough. The Twist capitalises on the increasing interest among 25-45 year-old mothers in baking cupcakes at home in fun, convenient manner.

  • 'Jiggle'

    Light-weight, compact packaging for the fast, easy batter preparation

    Budelpack Poortvliet BV introduces the Jiggle: an upright, pre-shaped shaker bag with a spout for the fast preparation of poffertjes [traditional Dutch miniature pancakes] and pancakes. The user-friendly packaging saves consumers time, effort and washing up. The flexible shaker bag is up to 3x lighter than a shaker bottle and occupies 8% less space.

  • Bottles and jars

    Rigid bottles and jars provide maximum product protection and high attention value on the shelves. Jars are common packagings for, among other things, sweets and chewing gum. Super convenient when you're on the go. A good example of an attention grabbing, user friendly bottle is the shaker bottle >> we created for a well-known baking flour brand. 

  • EdgeStand® stand pouch

    The new alternative to the stand pouch and the block bottom pouch

    Are you looking for an alternative to the stand pouch >> or block bottom pouch? Our Japanese partner Chokoku-Plast Corporation has designed the EdgeStand®: the groundbreaking upright paper or plastic foil pouch. It provides value for money, is stable and resealable. This super product guarantees perfect, upright shelf presentation. Even horizontally packaged products can now be displayed vertically. The EdgeStand® was nominated for the ´Gouden Noot´ in 2008 (Dutch packaging award)!

  • UniTube® portion pack

    Easy to open, dispense and empty

    These single-serving portioned packagings of ready-to-eat products make perfect promotional, sample or shelf packagings. The UniTube® can be opened effortlessly thanks to the smart, narrow, die-cut opening. That same opening also enables the controlled dosing of pastes and liquids. Easy to open, dose and empty: truly a top product! The UniTube® was developed by our partner eXpack Ltd.

  • Comfor Lid® dosing lid

    Dosing lid and resealable lid combined

    Constantia Flexibles' Comfor Lid® transforms your cardboard or plastic cups into super convenient packagings for people on the move. The user-friendly dosing lid consists of two layers: a fixed dosing lid and a flexible, aluminium top for sealing, opening and resealing the cup. The dosing lid becomes visible when the top is lifted. Comfor Lid®, the comfortable lid for ultimate convenience!

  • Snapsil® dispensing pack

    Open and dispense with one hand

    The Snapsil® provides a special, resealable, lightweight dispensing pack designed to be opened and dispense using just one hand. The dispensing option encourages less wasteful food habits. Snapsil allows your customers to serve their food fresh at any time, in any desired quantity. You can also get us to incorporate the dosing pack into a disposable knife, fork or spoon for use 'on the road'.

  • Cyclero® flexible can

    The flexible, lightweight alternative to, among other things, aluminium cans

    The Cyclero® is one of a new generation of packagings. The environmentally friendly, unbreakable softpack concept consists of a multi-layered, flexible foil. It is suitable for use in the microwave and is perfect for people on the move. One of its unique characteristics is the major material saving it represents in comparison to, among other things, aluminium cans. The Cyclero® was developed by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging and won the 'Deutscher Verpackungspreis' in 2007.

  • Baguette, innovative protective apple packaging

    No more loose, bruised, unsellable apples!

    The disadvantage of selling individual apples is that consumers pick the nicest looking ones leaving the bruised ones behind. This is why we developed the Baguette: a protective cardboard packaging in which beautiful apples can be packed in an undamaged state. This packaging stops apples bruising and becoming unsellable. The Baguette is available in printable, stackable single or quartet versions. The latter is subdivided into 4 separate sections to prevent the apples from rolling or bruising.


Packing baking flour in rigid shaker bottles

Packing baking flour in rigid shaker bottles

The Brandowner developed the 'Shaker': a shaker bottle for quickly preparing poffertjes [traditional Dutch mini-pancakes] and pancakes. A bottle that exudes convenience, enjoyment and fun. The introduction had a tight deadline: the Shaker had to hit the shelves within four months. The customer decided that it would not invest in packaging machines itself yet. Our knowledge and experience with fast, complex product introductions proved decisive.