Flexible packagings

Flexible packaging offers unique advantages. The (multi-layered) packaging with excellent barrier properties helps retain nutritional value, prolong shelf life and reduces waste. The light weight leads to lower storage, distribution and transport costs as well as limiting waste volume. Portion sizes and resealing methods are easy to vary if you use flexible packaging.

The advantages of flexible packagings

  • for solid, liquid, powdered and granulated food;
  • available in a wide variety of shapes and materials (paper, plastic foil and paper-look foil);
  • available with a 'window' for product visibility;
  • less packaging material, less packaging waste;
  • lower transport costs, less storage space required;
  • various resealing options.

Packaging food in flexible packagings

We neatly, safely and hygienically package food in flexible sachets >>, stand pouches >>, stick packs >>  and transwraps >>. Shelf life can be prolonged by expelling the oxygen from packaging. We subsequently manually or automatically place the filled pouches in cases, (display) boxes, etc. and seal these with hotmelt or tape.

More information on flexible packagings?

Please call us at +31 (0) 166 619999 or leave us your contact details >> and we will call you within one working day!

You can also opt for one of our rigid packagings >>, cardboard packagings >>   or innovative packagings >>.

Flexible packagings - Budelpack

  • Sachets

    Do you want to effectively introduce your customers to a sample of your new product? Are you looking for cost-effective shelf packaging or a handy way to provide a single serving of your sauce, dressing or spice mix? Sachets provide simple, low cost, portioned, single serving or promotional packaging or enable the distribution of a small quantity of food. Minimum material used, optimum protection!

  • Stand pouches

    Stand pouches or doypacks are the future of packaging. The high quality stand pouches are popular because of the many advantages they provide to both manufacturers and consumers. The stand pouch is a strong marketing tool for brand promotion. It is a light, environmentally friendly packaging with excellent standing characteristics, can be resealed, is efficient from a logistics perspective, easy to use and visually appealing. And those are just a few of its strong points ...

  • Stick packs

    The user friendly stick packs that originated in Japan have conquered Europe. Their secret? Pure convenience. The elongated foil or paper 'bags' provide ideal portioned packagings for small quantities of food. They make it easy to dose substances including sauces, dressings, spices, powdered milk and sugar. Curious about our latest solutions for the controlled dosing of liquids? Take a look at our UniTube® >>!

  • Transwraps

    Will you opt to present your product in a block bottom pouch, a hanging eurolock pouch or a flat, horizontal pouch? A transwrap packaging allows you to do it all. Upright or hanging product presentation attracts more attention than horizontal. Moreover, the combination of upright presentation and the large volume of the transwrap provides the best volume-surface area ratio.