Product packagings

Packaging comprises more than simply a practical cover. More than the hygienic protection of food. Packaging makes your product different and recognisable. It entices (future) users to purchase your product using its shape, user friendliness and/or communicative strength. Irresistible packaging motivates buyers to include your product in their range and stimulates sales. We provide this type of packaging.

Choice dependent on barrier properties and desired appearance

Packagings' functional and visual properties can differ widely. Your product determines whether the packaging requires light, moisture, oxygen and/ or temperature barrier properties in order to prevent minor colour and flavour deviations. You should select a packaging of suitable appearance depending on your target group, brand identity and the packaging's capacity to distinguish you from your competitors.

Resealable packaging creates user friendliness and distinguishing capacity

Resealability and easy opening add convenience to flexible >>, rigid >> and cardboard >> packaging. There are countless options including screw caps, zippers or softzip, notches, perforations, laser cut (weakened line in the foil) or changing the foil's properties, making it tearable. Packaging shapes can also provide user friendliness.

More information on product packagings and innovations?

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Our passion

The Budelpack team packs your food as neatly, safely and efficiently as possible with both care and passion. It does so in seductive packaging helping your product to shine and turnover to rise.