New, healthy top-brand dog snacks in stand pouches

Flexible packing capacity as back-up for client capacity issues A leading, top brand animal feed manufacturer introduced new, healthy dog snacks. Turnover shot up after their introduction. This led to a shortage in internal packing capacity. To successfully get through the introduction phase the pet food producer sought a reliable partner for the automated packing of the full volume of dog snacks in stand pouches. They soon opted for Budelpack.

Budelpack’s solutions

Thanks to our dedicated pet food zone we could rapidly respond to the request to fill millions of stand pouches with dog snacks. In the special packing zone we only pack dry animal feed into sachets and stand pouches. This means there is no risk of contamination by other food products. This allows us to guarantee our clients 100% quality and food safety.

We have collaborated with this pet food manufacturer before on the packaging of cat food. We then came across as a co-packing specialist that actively works with the client, responds rapidly and is good at maintaining daily contact. The trust this engendered could once again be validated by packing dog snacks into stand pouches.

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