Cups have a fixed shape and a convenient open top. Handy! The accessibility ensures customers can easily reach the bottom of the cup with their hand. Avoiding the rustling noise bags make. Perfect for your snacks, sweets, nuts or chocolates that are intended for use in cars or cinemas. Do your customers want dosing options? If so, add the Comfor Lid® >>  dosing lid to your cups.

The advantages of cups

  • for solid, powdered and granulated food;
  • available in various sizes, types and materials;
  • optional simultaneous powder and solid filling;
  • available with various types of membranes and lids;
  • optional; version with Comfor Lid® >> dosing lid.

More information on cups?

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Read more about the Comfor Lid® >> dosing lid.

Related products

  • Blisters

    The pre-formed plastic packaging with its aluminium rear is primarily known for packaging chewing gum. Your customers can quickly push one of your products out leaving the rest protected. We provide primary, secondary and tertiary blister packaging: filling and sleeving blisters, filling and cellophaning the trays and the packaging of the trays in boxes. Fully automated packing provides low-cost packaging!

  • Bottles and jars

    Rigid bottles and jars provide maximum product protection and high attention value on the shelves. Jars are common packagings for, among other things, sweets and chewing gum. Super convenient when you're on the go. A good example of an attention grabbing, user friendly bottle is the shaker bottle >> we created for a well-known baking flour brand. 

  • Boxes

    Boxes are very popular packagings thanks to their limitless options. Their creative shapes, sizes and printing draw additional attention to your biscuits and confectionary. Our special cartonning line for dry ready meals packs multiple components such as sachets >> of spices and transwraps >> of pasta in a single box. We can also just as easily pack various flavours of portioned sandwich toppings and automatically combine these into assortment packs.

  • Comfor Lid® dosing lid

    Dosing lid and resealable lid combined

    Constantia Flexibles' Comfor Lid® transforms your cardboard or plastic cups into super convenient packagings for people on the move. The user-friendly dosing lid consists of two layers: a fixed dosing lid and a flexible, aluminium top for sealing, opening and resealing the cup. The dosing lid becomes visible when the top is lifted. Comfor Lid®, the comfortable lid for ultimate convenience!

  • Cyclero® flexible can

    The flexible, lightweight alternative to, among other things, aluminium cans

    The Cyclero® is one of a new generation of packagings. The environmentally friendly, unbreakable softpack concept consists of a multi-layered, flexible foil. It is suitable for use in the microwave and is perfect for people on the move. One of its unique characteristics is the major material saving it represents in comparison to, among other things, aluminium cans. The Cyclero® was developed by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging and won the 'Deutscher Verpackungspreis' in 2007.

  • EdgeStand® stand pouch

    The new alternative to the stand pouch and the block bottom pouch

    Are you looking for an alternative to the stand pouch >> or block bottom pouch? Our Japanese partner Chokoku-Plast Corporation has designed the EdgeStand®: the groundbreaking upright paper or plastic foil pouch. It provides value for money, is stable and resealable. This super product guarantees perfect, upright shelf presentation. Even horizontally packaged products can now be displayed vertically. The EdgeStand® was nominated for the ´Gouden Noot´ in 2008 (Dutch packaging award)!

  • Snapsil® dispensing pack

    Open and dispense with one hand

    The Snapsil® provides a special, resealable, lightweight dispensing pack designed to be opened and dispense using just one hand. The dispensing option encourages less wasteful food habits. Snapsil allows your customers to serve their food fresh at any time, in any desired quantity. You can also get us to incorporate the dosing pack into a disposable knife, fork or spoon for use 'on the road'.

  • Stand pouches

    Stand pouches or doypacks are the future of packaging. The high quality stand pouches are popular because of the many advantages they provide to both manufacturers and consumers. The stand pouch is a strong marketing tool for brand promotion. It is a light, environmentally friendly packaging with excellent standing characteristics, can be resealed, is efficient from a logistics perspective, easy to use and visually appealing. And those are just a few of its strong points ...