Ritsers: chocolate covered liquorice in clean-cut design jars

From co-conceptualising the packaging to fully automated packing Autodrop does cool things to every piece of liquorice. Fruit gums in the shape of cars. Liquorice with a traffic theme. And now there are Ritsers ["Zippers", colloquial term for drivers merging with another lane]: chocolate covered liquorice. Concorp Brands, the makers of Autodrop, wanted a suitable packaging partner for packing this exceptional liquorice. Budelpack proved the right choice in every way. We co-conceptualised the new packaging concept, found the right packaging and filled it semi-automatically.

Budelpack’s solutions

Concorp had a clear idea of the packaging it wanted. It had to be a straight, clear-lined, plastic jar. Our task was to ensure this packaging idea became a reality. The jar had to meet the company’s design and functional wishes, strict food safety requirements and moreover be affordable. We supervised the entire preparatory process and – in the end – supplied the perfect jar.

The purchase of a packing line for jars of sweets takes time and money as well as knowhow. Concorp therefore had its Ritsers packed externally at Budelpack. This enabled the producer to provide a quick, risk-free, low-investment launch for the new sweets. And we were given the opportunity to do what we excel at: directing the food packing process from start to finish.

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