“Think about packing Food or Pet food, 

think about Budelpack!”


Our main goal is to be recognized as the premier choice for co-packing and co-manufacturing services around Europe.

Budelpack is a service provider. We are packing naked products on behalf of our clients. Budelpack does not produce own raw materials or naked products. Hence, as a service provider, it is essential that our name pops up first when you, our client, need us.

Our strategy is based on “There is only one certainty…. and that is uncertainty.” Products and projects come and go. Product introductions can be successful or not, back-up packing capacity can be needed or not. The ideal packing location can move around the world. Hence, our business model follows this volatility. The mandatory requirement is that Budelpack maintains to offer high quality packing services for naked products. And we offer it….


“Any place, any time. At a flexible cost structure”


This is why our locations are based on:

  1. Having a solid head office location and multi-client packing site
  2. Extended with a large series of flexible locations:

Budelpack strives for long-term continuity. By having a solid home base, a multi-client location in the Netherlands, extended with flexible locations and the very flexible Modular Production Units >> system, we are tightly managing our cost structure. Once a projects stops, we draw back from the chosen location and our costs will stop accordingly. This contributes to the financial stability of Budelpack as your packing service provicer.