Budelpack invests € 400.000 in efficiency improvements and sustainability

Efficiency improvement was already a priority from the point of view of Budelpack's continuous improvement program, but the limited availability of labor has also contributed as an important reason.

Throughout 2022, demand has exceeded the available capacity in Western Europe. Budelpack can offer sufficient production capacity in Central Europe via the Budelpack On Site model (packing on location anywhere in Europe and the UK), and  new investments contribute to a reduction of required labor hours, especially for the Poortvliet (NL) site that serves Western Europe.


Efficiency improvements

Budelpack invested € 300,000 in packaging machines and facilities: 4 of the current 20 packaging lines have been relocated within the building, and they have been combined and further automated. These investments allow operators and packing employees to be deployed more efficiently and fewer labor hours are required as a result of automation of the final packaging process.

 “Site Poortvliet has grown by 9% in 2022, but this growth could have been higher if the growth of new staff had been able to follow” says Marcel Baljeu, Managing Director of Budelpack Poortvliet B.V. “We made this investment not only in order to keep up with growth but also to keep costs under control”.


Sustainability: energy saving and electric driving

Following the 'Infrastructure 2025' master plan, which includes renewal of the entire roof of the Poortvliet production site at a 4 times higher insulation value, Budelpack also invested more than € 100,000 in 2022 in new and more efficient air conditioning installations. 

Electric driving has been part of the car policy since 2018 and the charging station infrastructure will be further expanded in 2022 for this purpose. At present, 85% of our car fleet is powered by electricity.


About Budelpack

The Budelpack Group is a family business, founded in 1971 and currently led by third generation family member Peter Nieuwkerk (1972). The Budelpack co-pack division (food and pet food), packs more than 350 million consumer units annually on behalf of multinationals, local brand owners, and retailers.

The Budelfood co-manufacturing division produces food based on innovative 3D food printing technology (starting in 2023). The Group has a multi-client food location in Poortvliet (NL) and a very large number of On Site locations, a.o. in Olszowa (PL), Blonie (PL) and Mormant (F). The co-pack division also has a large number of flexible On Site locations in Europe. Products can be in solid, liquid, powder or granular form and are packaged in flexible, rigid, cardboard and/or innovative packaging. The co-manufacturing division focuses on industrial-scale 3D printing of vegetable and potato products.