Budelpack acquires co-packer Interpak

Both parties reached an agreement on this on 7 September 2018. The acquisition involves 100% of the shares in Interpak Holding BV and subsidiary Interpak BV

Family business Interpak, founded in 1976, packs both food and non-food items. Family business Budelpack, founded in 1971, packs products in the Food, Pet Food and Fresh divisions.
The current location of Interpak in Tholen will continue to exist for the time being. Interpak Managing Director and former major shareholder Peter Knipscheer has been appointed as Site Manager and reports to Group Managing Director Peter Nieuwkerk of Budelpack. Stefan van Olphen, former minority shareholder, will remain responsible as Account Manager for commercial customer relations.

The need to scale-up

In 2018 as well as in the coming years, the availability of packaging capacity for a wide range of different packaging techniques is a condition to continue to meet customers’ demands. On the other hand, the scale-realization is a prerequisite to compensate for the increasing costs of quality management. Interpak recognizes and acknowledges this trend outlined by Budelpack and the need to join a larger group. That is why Interpak decided at the end of 2017 to start looking for a strategic partner. This ultimately led to the acquisition of Interpak by Budelpack. Acquisition by Budelpack is the better and most sustainable solution for clients / business relations as well as for Interpak.

Budelpack and Interpak have 42 packaging lines together on which approximately 350 million products will be packaged. 44 separate high-care production rooms are available for this purpose. Besides the so-called multi-client locations in Poortvliet and Tholen, Budelpack also offers the unique On Site concept: packing at any place at any time. Through a collaboration with FM Logistic, packaging services can be offered at more than 50 locations throughout Europe.