Co-packer Budelpack invests € 650,000 in On Site location in Olszowa, Poland

Entirely new, fully automated confectionary packing line for On-the-Go packaging  

Entirely new packing line

Budelpack, one of Europe’s largest co-packers for the fast moving consumer goods market is set to invest € 650,000 in a new, fully automated packing line for jars of confectionary. The entirely new packing line will be installed at the On Site location in Olszowa, Poland. This follows on the heels of early 2017’s well over € 400,000 investment.

Characteristics of the new packing line

The new packing line for confectionary in jars has an annual capacity of approximately 30 million units. The jars are put on the line, filled, lidded, provided with a top label and a round label, then automatically packed 6 to a tray and covered in protective flowpack foil. The new line incorporates 15 years’ of experience with comparable packing techniques. The new line will be operational as of July 2018.

On Site co-packing: packing any place, any time

Alongside packing services at its main location in Poortvliet (NL), Budelpack has – since 2014 – provided packing services using the On Site model (packing naked products any place, any time) throughout Europe. To this end, the Food and Pet food division has entered into strategic cooperation with, among others, FM Logistic, a global logistics services provider with well over 100 locations. Both Budelpack and the latter company are family firms. The Fresh division also provides the On Site model as a mobile solution.

On Site business model

“The second recent major investment in a new packing line follows the success of the On Site business model,” says Peter Nieuwkerk, Budelpack’s Group Managing Director. “The On Site model greatly reduces transportation distances by taking the packing line to the product instead of vice versa as in the traditional model.” Budelpack focuses emphatically on packing naked products. To enable the packing of the latter any place, any time, Budelpack has developed Modular Production Units. The On Site model is primarily suitable for projects with higher volumes and durations of one year or more.