From single site to multi-site co-packing

Food safe packaging at the best location in Europe by using a unique, multi-site model

Anywhere in Europe, at any given time

Co-packing specialist Budelpack packages food, pet food and fresh food using a unique, multi-site model i.e. anywhere in Europe, at any given time. Food-safe packing operations are set up and taken into operation quickly and efficiently, there where there is a need for packaging. Budelpack selects the most cost efficient of the many permanent, flexible and mobile co-packing locations on the basis of the nature, scope and duration of the packing project. This multi-site structure offers (pet)food producers the required temporal and spatial flexibility.

Project-independent selection of co-packing locations

The core of Budelpack’s multi-site model is ‘any place, any time’. The best location is determined from a financial, logistics and legal standpoint: either the multi-client location Poortvliet in the south-west of the Netherlands or one of partner FM Logistic’s many European locations. Peter Nieuwkerk, Group Managing Director: “The selection of the best co-packing location is project independent and cost price driven. Sometimes it makes sense to package in a different country due to cheaper labour and/or lower transport costs. Sometimes the volumes are too low making the fixed costs too high to start packing on site. In that case, contract packing in Poortvliet is much more efficient”.

Packing volume, occupancy and start up

Flexibly packing ‘naked’ products on site starts to become interesting when dealing with approx. 5 million products to be packed annually and 1 year of daytime packing line occupancy. If the packing line(s) is/are immediately available the packing operation can become operational within 4 months. The most recent on-site, co-packing operation is in Olszowa, Poland and this was even operational within 3 months. At the moment there are 3 projects underway using 2 packing lines to package mints, chewing gum and chewing lozenges into plastic jars. If investment in new packing machines is required, these can become operational after 7 to 8 months. Budelpack is really good at packaging products including coffee, tea, chocolate, sweets, chewing gum, baking mixes, herb mixes and pre-packed meals.

Flexible, food-safe, production units

The primary packing of foodstuffs requires a food-safe environment. The 35 separate permanent packing spaces in Poortvliet meet all the stringent food-safety guidelines. Budelpack came up with a smart, effective solution for the many flexible co-packing locations in Europe: modular production units (MPUs). Peter Nieuwkerk: “Linking MPUs on site allows us to quickly and easily create a screened-off, food-safe packing zone at non food-grade locations. If the market shifts within Europe, the MPUs are easy to move. They are also perfectly suited to our flexible, multi-site model”.

Corporate HSEQ Quality Management

Outsourcing the packing of ‘naked’ products demands great confidence in the contract packer. Budelpack guarantees the same quality at every one of its flexible co-packing locations in Europe as at its main location in Poortvliet by applying the same quality systems on site, using packing lines from its own, central equipment pool and appointing a project manager for the taking into operation of the line and the management of local staff. Irrespective of whether the co-packing location is in the Netherlands, France, Poland or Romania, Budelpack always bears final responsibility for the entire packing operation.