Budelpack, winner at NL Packaging Awards 2020 in the category Innovation Technology

The winners and runner-ups of NL Packaging Awards 2020 were announced on November 12, 2020.  Budelpack became the winner in the category Innovation Technology with Copacking on Demand'. 

According to the jury: "This entry shows a system that brings together several techniques and technologies. It is a good translation of the market demand for packaging being flexible in design and in packaged quantity. It is a solution to the need in the market for personalization, an interesting step towards "mass customization". It also responds to the demand for a shorter shelf life and the demand for smaller portions. In short, the jury sees this entry as a disruptive packaging method that can determine the design of future packaging lines. This could be the new packaging.”


What is Copacking on Demand?

Copacking on Demand was developed by Budelpack as a solution for an existing customer so that they do not have to stock up, can quickly change menus and can easily vary in portion size.

This particular customer has small unpredictable orders of 200 to about 1000 bags per run, which is why Budelpack has developed a planning and production process based on unpredictability.

Producing On Demand at high speed does not yet exist in the co-packers industry and Budelpack is unique with this concept. In six months time, a multidisciplinary team from Budelpack put together a packaging line and wrote the production and planning software themselves.

The On Demand concept is very suitable for an e-commerce organization that does not want stocks, wants to change the menu regularly, and wants to deliver tailor-made portions.