Copacking On Demand

A make-to-order principle that eliminates the need to have finished product in stock resulting in a lower working capital and reduced risk of obsolete products. Orders from the end users (consumers) of Budelpack's customers are received directly by the packing line, enabling customers to order production batches of only 10 minutes. 

Automated packing of different food products 

Copacking On Demand is the automated packing of different food products in different packages, in different languages with different specifications on an individual basis. If, for example, a customer in the Netherlands orders 400 bags of 250 grams of Basmati rice, then the line produces Dutch packaging with a Dutch label and with the right amount of rice, the right size bag and the right outer carton. If an English customer then orders 200 bags of 300 grams of couscous, then bags of couscous in a different size and with English labels will roll off the packing line a short time later. 

Consumer orders of a certain food product get loaded directly into the packing line without any human intervention. The packing line produces on demand unique items in a row. 

Produced on order

There is no stock, everything is produced on order. Instead of keeping a large stock for each end product (up to over 200 items), a limited stock of only the raw material is sufficient. The on demand concept is very suitable for e-commerce organizations as well as FMCG multinationals that do not want to keep stock or that do not want to change items regularly when delivering personalized portions 

More information on Copacking On Demand?

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Copacking on Demand

Copacking on Demand