Light-weight, compact packaging for the fast, easy batter preparation

Budelpack Poortvliet BV introduces the Jiggle: an upright, pre-shaped shaker bag with a spout for the fast preparation of poffertjes [traditional Dutch miniature pancakes] and pancakes. The user-friendly packaging saves consumers time, effort and washing up. The flexible shaker bag is up to 3x lighter than a shaker bottle and occupies 8% less space.

Co-packing specialist Budelpack continuously develops distinctive packagings and product-packaging combinations for manufacturers and retail organisations.

Maximum grip and practical dosing spout

The Jiggle for pancake mix contains 175 g of flour which makes 5 to 6 pancakes. Consumers only have to add 400 ml milk to the shaker bag. The special shape provides maximum grip so consumers won't lose their grip on the bag. The material is light and flexible which means the pancake mix can effortlessly be shaken and kneaded into a smooth batter. Thanks to the handy dosing spout, the batter can be added to the frying pan in a controlled manner.

Product-packaging combination for retail

On request, Budelpack can take care of the entire purchasing, packing and logistics process from the acquisition of pancake mix and printing of the bag right the way through to the primary packing of the mix in the shaker bags and the secondary packing of the latter into transport or shelf-ready packaging.

More information on 'Jiggle'?

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Our passion

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