What do we do?

Continuously varying packaging stimulates consumer purchases. Varying portioning and user friendliness provide answers to contemporary issues such as ageing populations, healthy schools and small households. We translate trends and customer demand into distinctive and/or problem solving products. Our wide range of product packagings and our innovative packaging concepts help you to continue to captivate and retain consumers. This is what we do:

Primary packaging of food for brand owners

You supply food as solids, liquids, powders or granulates and we neatly, safely and hygienically pack them in a packaging of your choice. Primary packaging demands specific knowledge. We know how unpackaged food and empty packaging behave. We also know exactly how to package your products so they become the stars of the shelf.

Private-label products with distinctive packagings for retailers

In your drive to generate additional turnover you seek distinctiveness. You want to be flexible, to be able to vary and attract your customers' attention. Good products in smart, user–friendly packaging help. We take care of the entire process from purchasing and packing to the delivery of the ready-to-use packaged products to your distribution centres.

More information about outsourcing the packing of food?

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