Cardboard packaging

Cardboard is lightweight, flexible and 100% recyclable. It also provides endless shape and folding options with relatively low die-cutting costs. This results in packagings with a surprisingly distinctive character. From clicktop to halfmoon and multi-cornered boxes. From cups with standard lids to those with innovative Comfor Lids® >>. The combination of shape and high-quality printing make cardboard packagings eye catching.

Advantages of cardboard packaging

  • for solid, powdered and granulated food;
  • huge variety of shapes and folding options with relatively low die-cutting costs;
  • space saving due to product stackability;
  • available with bags or coatings for improved barrier properties;
  • available with a 'window' for good product visibility;
  • easy to print on and 100% recyclable.

Packaging food in cardboard packagings

We use cartoning machines and cup fillers to package your raw and/or pre-packaged food in cardboard boxes >> and cups >>. We fill the various qualities and sizes of (un)coated packagings with solid, powdered or granulated food. We subsequently manually or automatically place the cups and boxes in cases and seal these with hotmelt or tape.

More information on cardboard packagings?

Please call us at +31 (0) 166 619999 or leave us your contact details >> and we will call you within one working day!

You can also opt for one of our flexible packagings >>, cardboard packagings >> or innovative packagings >>.

Cardboard packaging - Budelpack

  • Blisters

    The pre-formed plastic packaging with its aluminium rear is primarily known for packaging chewing gum. Your customers can quickly push one of your products out leaving the rest protected. We provide primary, secondary and tertiary blister packaging: filling and sleeving blisters, filling and cellophaning the trays and the packaging of the trays in boxes. Fully automated packing provides low-cost packaging!

  • Boxes

    Boxes are very popular packagings thanks to their limitless options. Their creative shapes, sizes and printing draw additional attention to your biscuits and confectionary. Our special cartonning line for dry ready meals packs multiple components such as sachets >> of spices and transwraps >> of pasta in a single box. We can also just as easily pack various flavours of portioned sandwich toppings and automatically combine these into assortment packs.

  • Cups

    Cups have a fixed shape and a convenient open top. Handy! The accessibility ensures customers can easily reach the bottom of the cup with their hand. Avoiding the rustling noise bags make. Perfect for your snacks, sweets, nuts or chocolates that are intended for use in cars or cinemas. Do your customers want dosing options? If so, add the Comfor Lid® >>  dosing lid to your cups.

Cardboard mini dispensers under own retail brand

Cardboard mini dispensers under own retail brand

Complete product-packaging combination arranged from start to finish

The Jumbo retail chain was looking for a private label counterpart to the small portion packs of chocolate flakes and (fruit) sprinkles supplied by a well-known, top-level brand. Jumbo provided the artwork for the packaging and selected Budelpack as its partner to supervise the purchasing, logistics and packaging processes, from the purchasing of the chocolate sprinkles and the printed cardboard, right the way through to the filling and supplying of the ready-to-use mini dispensers to Jumbo's distribution centres.