Would you like us to package your products? Then we will advise you as to which co-packing location is the most efficient for you from a logistics and cost-efficiency perspective: our multi-client location in Poortvliet, one of our logistic provider's many European locations (including the UK) or a mobile location. Click your product group to read about the options.


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  • Primary packing at our multi-client location in Poortvliet (NL)

    At our multi-client location in Poortvliet, on the island of Tholen in the province of Zeeland (in the south-west of the Netherlands), we pack primary solid, liquid, powdered or granulated food into many different packagings for a wide range of retailers.

    Co-packing location : Multi-client location in Poortvliet 
    Type of location : Permanent co-packing location
    Food grade production areas  : 35 permanent, food-safe packing spaces
    Packing lines : 30 stationary lines on average 
      (> 45 lines available from the equipment pool)



  • On Site packing at over more than 50 locations in Europe and the UK

    We can pack your products in a food safe manner anywhere in Europe thanks to our collaboration with a large well-established logistic provider. We will then select the most cost effective location and temporarily erect a professional packing operation for you.

    Co-packing location

    : One of the many locations of our logistic provider

    Type of location

    : Temporary, period of at least 1 year

    Food grade production areas 

    : Modular Production Units >>

    Packing lines

    : Dedicated packing line(s)


     (>45 lines available from the equipment pool)