Packing your product is our primary concern!

Co-packer for brand owners and retailers in the food industry

Annually, we package 200 million products in primary product packaging. Solid, liquid, powdered and granulated food. Our family business, which is based in Poortvliet, is happy to support you with:

  • product introductions;
  • packaging capacity shortages;
  • the strategic expansion of your packaging process;
  • the development of distinctive product packaging;
  • the provision of ready-to-use product-packaging combinations.

As a co-pack specialist that operates Europe-wide and has well over 40 years of experience we can provide fast market introductions, flexible packaging capacity and surprising packaging concepts that take packaging worries, capacity problems and investment risks off your hands.

Packing baking flour in rigid shaker bottles

The Brandowner developed the 'Shaker': a shaker bottle for quickly preparing poffertjes [traditional Dutch mini-pancakes] and pancakes. A bottle that exudes convenience, enjoyment and fun. The introduction had a tight deadline: the Shaker had to hit the shelves within four months. The customer decided that it would not invest in packaging machines itself yet. Our knowledge and experience with fast, complex product introductions proved decisive.



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