Budelpack's history

Budelpack is a family firm named after a town in the province of Brabant called Budel which is where the company's history started in 1971. André Nieuwkerk started the Netherlands' first co-packing company at his confectionary factory as a contract packing company for Mars. We have since developed into one of Europe's leading co-packers. This is our history.

1971 - 1981: Secondary packing of pre-packed products

In 1971, Mars asked us to turn pre-packed bars into multipacks giving us our first co-packing project. In 1973, we moved to André's father Evert Nieuwkerk's pastry factory in Poortvliet. For the next 10 years we packaged pre-packed items such as toys, food, personal and home care products.

1981 - 1991: Distinguishing primary packaging

During the 1980s competition on the secondary packaging market increased dramatically. It was time for us to distinguish ourselves using reverse integration. We started with the primary packaging of raw products and gave ourselves a massive head start in the process. Although it was quite a leap to take, we managed to gain companies' trust. Turnover grew 25 - 30% per year.

1991 - 2001: Royal visit, top assignment and many acquisitions

Minister Andriessen opened our new building in 1992. Evert Nieuwkerk retired. In 1996, Queen Beatrix visited Tholen on Queen's Day [national day celebrating the queen mother's birthday]; we wrapped the bridge over the Schelde-Rhine canal in orange [the royal colour]. P&G's introduction of ultrathin sanitary pads gave us our biggest assignment ever. From 1995 onwards, we took over a large number of factories for home care and personal care products.

2002: Budelpack packages millions of Euros

In 2002, we carried out a major project for the Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Every citizen over 18 was to receive a set of new coins to mark the introduction of the Euro. Packaging these so-called 'Zalm kits' and the change for retailers took a whole year. Due to the stringent security requirements we moved the packaging operation to DNB's distribution centre in Lelystad.

2010: Budelpack into next family generation

In 2010, André Nieuwkerk retired and his son Peter Nieuwkerk, who started working at Budelpack in 2004, took over. Two years later he became the majority shareholder.

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Our daily work consists of ensuring people can enjoy food without having to worry about its safety. Budelpack guarantees hygienic, BRC/IFS certified packing processes.

Our passion

The Budelpack team packs your food as neatly, safely and efficiently as possible with both care and passion. It does so in seductive packaging helping your product to shine and turnover to rise.