User-friendly packaging for the fast preparation of fresh cupcake dough

Co-packing specialist Budelpack Poortvliet BV presents the Twist an innovative, user-friendly packaging. The Twist is a pre-shaped kneading bag with a piping nozzle that makes using kitchen utensils unnecessary. By just adding water both young and old can quickly and easily make smooth cupcake dough. The Twist capitalises on the increasing interest among 25-45 year-old mothers in baking cupcakes at home in fun, convenient manner.

Quick and easy to use

The kneading-piping bag contains 250 g of cupcake mix for 8 to 10 cupcakes. The flexible packaging and the high-quality mix were specially designed for one another. The cupcake mix can be kneaded into a smooth dough inside 1.5 minutes just by adding 125 ml of water. The transparent packaging allows users to see whether the dough is still lumpy or not. The bag lends itself well to printing and is available with screw caps in various colours and diameters. Moreover, the thin, light-weight, recyclable bag is more environmentally friendly than PET, glass or cardboard packaging.

Product-packaging combination for retail

On request, Budelpack can take care of the entire purchasing, packing and logistics process from the acquisition of cupcake mix and printing of the bag right the way through to the primary packing of the mix in the piping bags and the secondary packing of the latter into transport or shelf-ready packaging.

More information on 'Twist'?

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