Cyclero® flexible can

The flexible, lightweight alternative to, among other things, aluminium cans

The Cyclero® is one of a new generation of packagings. The environmentally friendly, unbreakable softpack concept consists of a multi-layered, flexible foil. It is suitable for use in the microwave and is perfect for people on the move. One of its unique characteristics is the major material saving it represents in comparison to, among other things, aluminium cans. The Cyclero® was developed by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging and won the 'Deutscher Verpackungspreis' in 2007.

The advantages of the Cyclero® flexible can

  • for solid, liquid, powdered and granulated food;
  • available in many shapes, diameters and heights;
  • available with easy-opening and resealable lids;
  • available with tamper-evident properties;
  • excellent barrier properties;
  • good product stability, easy to use;
  • can be compressed into flat waste which reduces waste volume;
  • excellently printable aluminium, transparent and opaque foils;
  • available with a 'window' for good product visibility.

More information on the Cyclero®?

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