Pet food packing

We package your pet food in a separate pet food zone.

An exclusive packing zone to exclude the risk of contamination by other products. Our packing lines focus on packing pet food in sachets and stand pouches. Would you like to use a different form of packaging? If volumes are sufficient, we can install a packing line from our fleet of machines especially for you. Depending on your situation we can have your pet food packaged at our location in Poortvliet, at your location (on site) or at one of our partner FM Logistic's European locations. What is the best location for you?

Packaging solutions

Co-packing locations


Co-packing at our multi-client location in Poortvliet-NL (FOOD / PET FOOD)

We carry out co-packing activities for retailers and brand owners from around Europe at our main location in Poortvliet on the island of Tholen in the province of Zeeland (in the Southwest of the Netherlands). In Poortvliet we have 32 conditioned, certified packing areas, including nut-free zones.

Here we package raw rigid, liquid, powdered and granulated food products into a wide range of packagings in a food-safe manner. We regularly invest in dosing, filling and sealing machines in order to be able to offer you new packing methods and concepts.


Co-packing at our multi-client location in Waddinxveen-NL (FRESH)

At our location InnoFresh Packing BV in Waddinxveen, between Rotterdam and Utrecht. we carry out a dedicated co-pack operation for packing grapes in punnets. For this specific purpose, we have developed a unique and fully-automated packing line. We have started with a pilot project in November 2015, which will run till end June 2016. It is our target to upscale to an industrial line after summer 2016. InnoFresh Packing BV is a joint-venture between the Budelpack Group and IQ Packing, specifically established for packing grapes automatically into punnets.


Co-packing On Site at 55 European locations of our partner FM Logistic (FOOD)

Where is your cheapest co-packing location, logistically, legally and currency-wise? In your own country, a neighbouring one or elsewhere in Europe? Our cooperation with FM Logistic, one of Europe's largest food-industry, logistics service providers, means you can choose from a high number of European co-packing locations.

We will install a mobile Budelpack production unit for the food-safe packing of raw food products at the FM location that best suits you. Have you got an ongoing packing project that will last at least a year? If so, call +31 (0) 166 - 61 99 99 or e-mail us.